Our Departments

Architecture & Town Planning

  • Urban Planning
  • Master plans Reviews and Preparations
  • Urban Redevelopment
  • Architectural Studies and designs for Office accommodations, Shopping centres, Housing schemes, Schools, Hospitals, Industrial buildings, Design for refurbishments of various building types
  • Supervision of building construction works

Departments of Structural and Bridge Engineering

  • Condition survey and rehabilitation planning for existing structures
  • Soil investigation and foundation design for buildings and bridges projects
  • Feasibility studies, structural designs and detailing for buildings and bridges
  • Preparation of specifications for structural works
  • Supervision of building construction works
  • Design supervision of bridge works
  • Structural Analysis & Design for all types of frames & building components in concrete and steel.

Department of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering

  • Buildings Electrical, Telecommunications, Interior and Exterior Illuminations, Fire Alarm and Detection, Lightning Protection and Earthing Services
  • Data, Voice and Image networks for buildings
  • Electrical substations, Distribution Systems, Power supply to townships, Industrial developments
  • Electrical load analysis, Illumination level analysis, cooling and ventilation loads analysis
  • Building Ventilation and Air Condition, Lifts and Escalators
  • Mechanical design of workshops and Industrial projects machinery specifications and installations
  • Computing services to all Departments using standards programs like Lighting levels analysis and 3D modeling

Department of Civil Engineering and Project Management

  • Transportation: Feasibility Studies and Detailed Design of Runways, Roads and Railways, Environmental and Social Impact Assessment, Resettlement Action Plan plus accompanied infrastructures
  • Land surveying: Topographic and Cadastral
  • Water Supply and Sewage: Intake Researching, Distribution, Treatment, Storage and Disposal
  • Civil Engineering Works: Project Management and Construction Supervision

Department of Geotechnical Engineering

  • Soil Investigation and Foundations: In-situ drilling and testing, sampling, laboratory testing and reporting
  • Material Investigation
  • Pavement Evaluation/Design

Department of Quantity Surveying

  • Preliminary cost estimates
  • Cost planning and control
  • Preparation of bid and contract documents
  • Calling bids, examining and reporting bids
  • Pre and post contract administration
  • Contract and Project Management